How much will it cost to build a pool?
This can vary dramatically based on your wants and needs. The size of your pool, the options and accessories you want, along with construction details like grading requirements, tree and boulder removal, etc. all have an impact on the final price. Once we have visited your home and talked with you about your needs, we would be happy to provide a free estimate on an in-ground, on-ground or indoor pool. Think of your pool as an investment. You are improving the value of your home and investing in years of enjoyment with your family.

How much maintenance will my pool require?
Owning a pool isn’t as much of a hassle as most would believe. That would take all of the fun out of it! You specifically need to pay close attention to the filter, water quality and the interior of the pool. During the winter it is very important to properly close your pool to make sure your pool is protected. Still sound like too much work? Automatic cleaners and automatic covers are a great way to reduce time spent on the pool instead of in the pool! Cisney & O’Donnell also provides free water testing and can advise you on pool needs. We also offer maintenance services and annual open and closing pool services. Our retail pool store is stocked with a large selection of pool chemicals and our staff is very knowledgeable and helpful to our customers.

Can you open and close my pool?
Absolutely. In the Spring and Fall we offer pool opening and closing services. All you have to do is request a Pool Opening and Closing Agreement from our office. Once we receive the agreement, we can discuss a time frame that fits your schedule. We also provide weekly cleaning services and chemical delivery services.

How long does it take to install a pool?
This can vary. Once the pool components are ordered and delivered it could be constructed in as little as two to three weeks. However, depending on the amount of other pools we are building, weather, or other unforeseen construction delays, it may take longer. Also, a more elaborate or exotic design may take longer to construct.

Will you do the design work for our new backyard pool?
Yes, we can do all necessary design for pools and pool areas. We can provide all required drawings for building permits and homeowner’s associations.

Do we have to get our own contractors?
No. We will handle all aspects of your project and will serve as the general contractor on your project. We have a great team of trade partners who can provide a successful turn-key experience.

Are estimates free?
All estimates are free for home owners, however, if you are getting an estimate for an insurance claim, we may need to charge for this type of estimate. Some insurance companies have a policy where they will compensate you for estimates; the best thing to do would be to ask.

Will you service my pool if you didn’t install it?
Absolutely. It makes no difference who originally installed your pool. If you are in need of our assistance please let us know. We have very friendly and helpful staff in our pool retail store that can help with any problems regarding chemicals. Our Pool Consultants are experts with any pool related problems and can also take a look at your pool in person for a fee.

Is there a warranty on my pool once it’s done?
Cisney & O’Donnell offers a two-year workmanship warranty. Plus, many of our manufacturers offer warranties on their products. In-ground pools carry a lifetime warranty, so please see www.surfthepool.com for details.