Pool Water Testing

Bring in a sample of your pool or spa water for FREE on-site testing in our lab!

Pool & Spa Water Testing

To get clean clear water in your pool or spa, it is important to test the water frequently. We offer several water testing kits as well as an on-site test lab at our store in Huntingdon, Pa. You can understand how much pool or spa chemicals to use by getting an accurate reading of your pool’s chemistry. This can save you money and also prevent the possibility of over-treating your water.  A healthy pool or spa is not hard to maintain with the right chemicals and maintenance schedule.

Testing the water yourself can be done with test kits, test strips, and electronic testing equipment. When taking a water sample, please get a sample from about 12”-18” below the water surface after the system has been on for approximately twelve hours. High chlorine levels can skew other readings such as pH and total alkalinity. If high levels of chlorine are present, make sure to use a chlorine neutralizer per the instructions on your kit.

Please ask our pool experts for information on how to keep your pool or spa water crystal clear. Call us at 814-643-4968.

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